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Chapter 989 I Have Only One

  • Fei Ling’er made a lot of assumptions regarding this matter, but most of them weren’t even valid.
  • She even thought about the possibility that Han Jingru had already reached the Alpha Stage and didn’t need something so flimsy as the Holy Chestnut.
  • But how possible is that?
  • There had never been any Alpha Stage fighter in Xenos. In fact, this stage only existed in folklore, and no one had been able to prove its actuality.
  • Besides, when the Alpha Stage was attained, it would surely trigger the transformation of heaven and ground, but Fei Ling’er had never sensed such a change in the atmosphere. Hence, she brushed off this rather ludicrous thought of hers and was once again caught in confusion and puzzlement.
  • “Who told you that I have only one Holy Chestnut?” Han Jingru asked with a smile.
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