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Chapter 250 Airport

  • The Tian family's mansion.
  • Tian Jingle was sitting in the living room. After hearing the news about Han Jingru losing the competition, the man was confused. He had clearly seen the difference in skills between Han Jingru and Ouyang Xiujie previously. It was obvious even for an amateur like him. Logically speaking, the man's victory was secured. How could he lose at all?
  • Carelessness? Accidents?
  • How could someone with Han Jingru's character made such mistake?
  • His tea water was boiled but Tian Jingle did not realize it at all. After Tian Shuirou approached him, she said, "Grandpa, what are you thinking? You are so absent minded. Your water is boiling."
  • "Ah!" Tian Jingle came back to his senses and took a look at the steaming pot as he hurriedly nodded, "I almost ruined a good pot of tea."
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