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Chapter 1155 The Han Family That Belonged To Him

  • The annual Martial Arts Summit would usually become the talk of the town since it was a free fight between all parties. It was the perfect opportunity for the business community and various martial arts academies to prove themselves. However, this year was an exception since most of their attention was focused on one man alone.
  • The man in question was none other than Han Jingru.
  • Countless were in awe yet curious about his appearance, but for the most part, they were puzzled by the Yang family’s decision to send someone like him to attend the Martial Arts Summit. Moreover, he was the only fighter on the Yang family’s roster. Hence, it was a puzzling situation as compared to how the Yangs usually work in the past.
  • In the past, the Yangs would usually arrange at least three fighters to participate in the Martial Arts Summit since it would increase their chances of winning. None would have thought that the Yangs would put all their eggs in one basket this year. The Yangs’ decision made everyone wondered if they were that confident that Han Jingru would win the fight.
  • More importantly, there was a slight uproar when some found out that Han Jingru was the useless young master of the Han family. Some even thought that Yang Bin had gone crazy for allowing such a useless man to participate in the Martial Arts Summit.
  • Hence, rumors against the Yangs started to surface.
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