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Chapter 406 Kill Her

  • Money made the world go round; some would even sacrifice others for the sake of money.
  • Few of them were swayed when they heard Han Qing's words. Even though kidnapping Su Yimo would cause chaos, they could take the ransom and leave Yun City forever. Nobody would ever find them even if they wanted to.
  • “Ms. Han, if you are willing to give us a bigger portion of the ransom, we would do this for you and leave no traces behind,” one of them told Han Qing.
  • Han Qing was not surprised by their words. Growing up in the Han family taught her how valuable money was. In fact, the Han family was extremely powerful among the Chinese community in the U.S., purely because they were wealthy.
  • Money could really make the Devil turn millstones.
  • “Get out. Contact me only after the deed is done. And don't disappoint me,” Han Qing said coldly.
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