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Chapter 291 Kill Me

  • After Lu Shun received a call, he was stunned. There was no one in the hotel. How could that be? The information he found out wouldn't be wrong. But why didn't they found anyone there?
  • The only possible reason was that Han Jingru had foreseen that he would target Su Yimo and he arranged for the woman to leave.
  • "I am surprised that a trash like you could be that smart, hiding her before coming here. However, do you think there is any use?" Lu Shun waved his hand and the twenty plus huge men approached Han Jingru together.
  • Han Jingru was a good fighter. However, there was a disadvantage in numbers. Facing such a huge group of enemies, it was high unlikely that Han Jingru could fight back victoriously. That was a miscalculation on Han Jingru's part. He did not expected Lu Shun to prepare so many fighters.
  • Probably, that was an idea given by Shen Wong to Wen Liang and Wen Liang reminded the Lu family to come up with such arrangements.
  • "Do you want to surrender your cell phone yourself, or do you want me to take it myself after you get beaten up?" Lu Shun chuckled. At that very moment, Han Jingru was just like an insect he could squash with a finger. That sense of superiority that he could master another person's fate made him feel good.
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