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Chapter 924 Because I Am His Wife

  • After Chen Tiexin left, Chen Yanran’s desire to meet with Han Jingru became unstoppable because to her, it was long-awaited and she couldn’t bear waiting for even another second.
  • Leaving the compound of the Chen residence, the maid led the way to Han Jingru’s house. Chen Yanran hit the road with her brisk footsteps and a light heart.
  • Within the Chen residence.
  • Chen Tiexin came to the study of Chen Yuanhai and told him everything he had said to Chen Yanran.
  • “Only Yanran is able to effect a hopeful turn in this matter now. Let’s hope that she won’t disappoint us. Otherwise, the Chen family will likely be knocked to its knees this time,” Chen Yuanhai lamented. To him, Han Jingru’s capabilities were almost confirmed by then. Hence, he had no choice but to put all his hopes on Chen Yanran.
  • Everything that Chen Tiexin had done to Han Jingru was sufficient for the Chen family to be toppled. Even the mere thought of it was unbearable for Chen Yuanhai.
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