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Chapter 975 Live In Son-In-Law

  • Jiang Yingying buoyantly approached the other woman. She could scarcely believe how fortuitous she was to be able to chance upon a lead on Han Jingru with no effort at all.
  • She assumed that Fei Ling’er must be closely associated with Han Jingru. Otherwise, the latter would not have been able to recognize her.
  • Owing to that, Jiang Yingying had completely let her guard down around the other woman.
  • “Where’s Jingru? Take me to him, quickly.” Since her arrival in Xenos, she had not received any news of Han Jingru for a very long time. That was why she could not wait to see him.
  • “Sigh,” Fei Ling’er exhaled. “That would be extremely difficult to do.”
  • “Did something happen to him?” The corner of Jiang Yingying’s lips fell as her smile faded. Should anything untoward should befall Han Jingru, her life in Xenos would lose all meaning.
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