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Chapter 147 Proof

  • Han Jingru didn’t answer the question and Molan knew that he wasn’t willing to speak. Therefore, the friend stopped asking.
  • After Molan and Ling Heng made the call, the empty street at dawn became busy. A few hundred men were searching street by street, entering each and every hotel and entertainment centers. Leaving no stone unturned to find Han Yu.
  • At that time, Han Yu was still in Golden Arch and didn’t want to leave.
  • Probably the man had been staying in Qing Cheng for too long and he hadn’t touched any woman, hence, the man was in a huge room with a group of women serving him.
  • “That trash should have never enjoyed something like this. How pitiable.” Han Yu giggled. As the man hugged a beauty each to his side, he felt like a king. The more he thought about Han Jingru’s situation, the more conceited he felt.
  • Getting kicked out from the Han family to a place like Yun city.
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