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Chapter 1111 Relieved Yao Yuhai

  • Hearing Yao Yuhai’s question, Yao Hanxing dropped his smile.
  • “Dad, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Although many people think of Han Jingru as a useless fool, and many look down on him, I’m sure they’ll all regret it in the future. If he’s so impressive now, he’ll be a prominent figure in Yan City in the future. Moreover, I’ve found out about this before anyone else. Therefore, this is an opportunity for me. If I can become friends with Han Jingru, he’ll be a big help to my future. He’ll also be of great help to the entire Yao family,” Yan City explained.
  • Hearing those words, a look of relief crept upon Yao Yuhai’s face. In fact, he could not believe that Yao Hanxing was the one to say this.
  • Yao Yuhai knew his son well. Other than fooling around, he could do nothing well. This time, Yao Hanxing had finally matured; he started planning about his future.
  • “Son, you’ve finally grown up. I’m glad. You’re right. This is your opportunity. Your relationship with Han Jingru will be great for your future,” Yao Hanxing breathed. He, too, had thought of this, and he was hesitating whether to instruct Yao Hanxing to do it a while ago. However, when he thought about Yao Hanxing’s character, he decided not to tell him about it, as he was afraid that his son would mess things up instead.
  • Now that Yao Hanxing could think for himself, a sense of relief settled in Yao Yuhai’s heart.
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