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Chapter 845 Buy Everything

  • Everyone there knew of Nangong Boling’s drastic ways because they were brought to Yun City by those very same threats. They understood that Nangong Boling would not say something he would not do.
  • Hearing the declaration, a lot of them immediately turned around and left. Much more followed soon after. Nonetheless, there were still a few left, willing to sacrifice their family for their own benefit.
  • “Since you guys insist, blame yourselves for what’s about to happen.” Looking at the few of them, Nangong Boling took out his phone with a cold look on his face.
  • The doctors frantically got in front of him.
  • “Mr. Nangong, we just want to witness the grace of the miracle doctor. Please give us a chance.”
  • “Yes, we just want to meet him. Nothing more.”
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