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Chapter 644 Playing The Hero For Once

  • Han Jingru reached out his hand and held Yan Yu’s clenched fists gently in an attempt to soothe her emotions.
  • Yan Yu got a shock and her hand shook momentarily, but she didn’t retract it. She continued speaking, “They died before we could reach the hospital. The culprit only came to me the next day, and he told me that if I were willing to keep it a secret, he would give me a ton of money. I didn’t comply, so his son showed up after that and threatened to kill me if I dared to make a fuss about it.”
  • Yan Yu was shaking all over as if she were back at the hospital.
  • “I was terrified and didn’t know what to do. He kept terrorizing me, so all I could do was agree. Then his son brought the money to me but said I had to sleep with him before he would give me the money. I said no and he left with the money after beating me up. He even told me to go find him again if I needed money.”
  • Han Jingru’s gaze turned chilly and murderous.
  • “Let’s eat,” Han Jingru said simply.
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