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Chapter 1201 Rules Are Determined By Man

  • Nangong Boling was faced with a similar problem at the Martial Arts Summit. According to the information obtained, all of Han Jingru’s opponents had chosen not to compete. In other words, it was no longer possible to see Han Jingru in action.
  • “Is he really that powerful and influential?” Nangong Boling doubted the capability of a fourteen-year-old, who made his opponents willingly do something shameful by giving up their rights to compete. Their actions also carried the implication of not being able to join the Martial Arts Summit in the future.
  • Those who quit are not worthy of participating in the Martial Arts Summit.
  • Even if they insist to join, Im afraid that their presence wont be welcomed. For any martial arts practitioner, quitting is an incredibly shameful thing to do.
  • “Based on the news that we’ve heard so far, Han Jingru defeated a deserving fighter whom people thought was most likely going to win the championship. Hence, the increase of his deterrent effect,” Zhong Changqiu explained.
  • He had inquired into the battle between Han Jingru and Yan Bingfeng and collected all related information. Yet, it was difficult for him to imagine Han Jingru’s performance as he did not have a chance to witness him live. He had no clue the impact Han Jingru had left on the audience at the summit.
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