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Chapter 775 The Restricted Area Of Apocalypse

  • Han Jingru was well aware of what happened last night. He wasn’t attacked by anyone, but it was the pain caused by the skulls which rendered him unconscious until now.
  • He only realized that he was named after thinking about the skulls, to which he subconsciously tried to cover his chest with his hand.
  • “What are you doing? It’s not like you’re a woman. What are you so embarrassed for?” Fang Zhan chuckled when he saw Han Jingru’s actions.
  • Han Jingru’s facial expression remained the same, but his mind had gone completely blank.
  • The skulls. Theyre gone!
  • He glanced at Fang Zhan, then at Jiang Yingying. They were the only ones who had entered his room. Could they have taken the skulls?
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