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Chapter 965 Different Levels Of Auctions

  • After getting the last available room, the four still had a problem to solve. It was impossible to fit all of them in one bed. No matter how hard Huang Xiaoyong tried to come up with a solution, the answer still ended up the same. He was willing to sleep on the street and give this opportunity to Han Jingru, though.
  • However, the latter had no other intentions towards the women at all. In fact, he would rather sleep on the street with his disciple.
  • “We’ll let you women sleep in here. Huang Xiaoyong and I will think of something,” informed Han Jingru to Bailing Wan’er.
  • The woman had hoped to be in this room with Han Jingru alone, but she knew it was just her fantasy for the man would never agree to it.
  • “Let her stay here alone. I hate sleeping with a stranger,” stated Bailing Wan’er. Her words obviously directed at Fei Ling’er, her enemy.
  • Hearing that, the latter smiled before throwing herself on the bed. “Thanks, then. I hate sleeping with a stranger too.”
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