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Chapter 374 How Could It Be Him

  • Looking at the back of Han Jingru, Yang Xing broke out into a sweat. Only then did he realize what he said sounded stupid when he recalled the previous incident.
  • Why would people like Han Jingru require help?
  • “Mr, Xing, I think Tang Gou is doomed.” A subordinate of Yang Xing said.
  • “Haihhh...” Yang Xing sighed and said, “He could only blame himself for screwing around with people like Han Jingru. Looks like I will need to find a new person to run my errands.”
  • Upon returning home, Tang Gou took a shower hurriedly. He was unhappy with Yang Xing for delaying him in having a good time with the girls.
  • “Hey girls, I have cleaned myself up. Are you both ready to have fun?” Tang Gou said with a vulgar smile.
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