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Chapter 486 Kids Say The Darndest Things

  • At noon, under the scorching sun, the old man and the young lad sat by the door to cool themselves off. Their hands were full of mud but like other native villagers, they did not bother to wash them.
  • “I heard about what happened last night,” Yan Qiong smiled at Han Jingru benevolently.
  • Yan Qiong once had a dashing visage. Although it was now full of wrinkles, it was still the only face in the world that made Han Jingru feel at ease.
  • “Grandpa Yan, don't you think it's weird? With my current skills I actually knocked out someone with a single punch,” Han Jingru said.
  • Yan Qiong nodded undeniably and said, “With your skills, it is indeed impossible for you to be Shan Qing's opponent. I was very surprised when I heard this news.”
  • “Grandpa Yan, if I said I suddenly have the power to do so, would you believe it?” Han Jingru asked.
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