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Chapter 726 Will Not Give Up On My Family For The Rest Of The World

  • Yan Qiong understood this as well. Given Mr. Yi’s aim, he would not joke around about such matters. It was clear that he had high hopes for Han Jingru and this showed that there must be a reason for Apocalypse’s existence, a reason more profound that they could ever imagine.
  • “I believe in you. Just cross the bridge when you come to it.” With that, Yan Qiong refilled their glasses.
  • They downed their drinks in one gulp. Han Jingru continued, “Grandpa Yan, you must think I’m omnipotent, right?”
  • Han Jingru then burst into laughter. Omnipotent? Me? Who on earth would dare to boast that they are omnipotent?
  • Yan Qiong replied seriously, “Perhaps not in your current state, but I believe that one day, you will be worthy of such a term. Only then can you truly protect those around you.”
  • Protect those around me.
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