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Chapter 719 Get On Your Feet

  • Liu Zhijie could accept his current state. He was confident that he could make a comeback. Otherwise, he would have been dejected after his company went bust and would not have worked at the Windborne Ode.
  • Not everyone could take such a drastic change in life. The fact that Liu Zhijie could stomach this showed his tenacity.
  • However, just because he could accept that he was poor did not mean that he would be humiliated.
  • To him, ten thousand was no small sum, but his dignity was priceless.
  • “I don’t need it,” Liu Zhijie refused plainly.
  • That man had an icy glare and spat, “Liu Zhijie, I’ve already stuck my foot out for you. Do you expect me to retract it? I’ll make sure you can’t find a job in the entire Bin County!”
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