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Chapter 180 Lawyer

  • Early the next morning, Su Ruijin called for a family meeting, informing the rest of the relatives that Su Yimo had quit her position. When everyone heard that, they were just worried.
  • After what happened the previous times, if anything were to happen again, no one from the Su family could save the situation. Zhong Ji would not be giving Su Yimo so many chances as well.
  • “Ruijin, are you sure this is alright?” Su Wenyi asked Su Ruijin worriedly.
  • Su Ruijin waved his hand. He hadn’t informed Zhong Ji yet and he didn’t know his attitude. However, Su Ruijin thought about it carefully. If Rumo were to stop the collaboration with the Su family, the project date would be postponed. A businessman prioritizes interest and profit. Who would want to incur unnecessary loss? Therefore, he guessed that Rumo wouldn’t have a huge reaction if they found out Su Yimo was the one that quit herself.
  • “Dad, don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” Su Ruijin said.
  • “Ruijin, if anything were to happen, you have to take up the responsibility.”
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