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Chapter 1046 Why She Was Pouring Her Heart Out

  • “Within one year of arriving at the sect, I had learned how to talk and interact with other people. That was when I learned that I was a human and that I wasn’t born of the familiar—of course, that led me to the realization that my birth parents had probably abandoned me in the Dark Forest.” Here, something flickered dangerously in Fei Ling’er’s eyes. Evidently, this had been a sore point for her for many years.
  • Han Jingru, who was a father himself, could understand her feelings. As the saying went, even the most vicious tigers wouldn’t eat their own cub. What sort of parents would’ve abandoned their own child in the dangerous Dark Forest? They must have left her for dead.
  • “What happened after that?” Han Jingru was very curious. Her life story was simply too interesting—he had never heard of anything like this before.
  • Besides, Fei Lingsheng had used to snack on Holy Chestnuts the way people might snack on apples. Once she started on cultivation, her skills would exceed most other people’s at once. Back when Han Jingru was at Apocalypse, he had nearly scared the other fighters to death. Fei Lingsheng must have done the same.
  • “A year after that, they introduced me to cultivation. That was went my life underwent a drastic change. Overnight—and I mean overnight—I went from a newbie cultivator to a fighter of the Fifth Stage,” Fei Lingsheng said.
  • She had reached the Fifth Stage in one night alone!
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