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Chapter 1169 Worth Trusting

  • Han Jingru started to panic. I can understand if Qi Donglin goes to the Mo Residence to stir up trouble. After all, he suffered terribly because of them. Its understandable if he loses his temper.
  • But I dont understand why he would bring his wife and his daughter along with him. Its too dangerous.
  • Doesnt he see the difference between him and the Mo family? Charging towards them like this can only result in death.
  • According to the information, the Mo family could have targeted the Qi family because of Ouyang Fei. Isnt he just giving his wife away?
  • “I’ll take care of this myself. Go and rest. You’re on leave today. I don’t want to see you in the company for the rest of today.” With that, Han Jingru walked out of the office.
  • After burning the midnight oil, Qin Fu was tuckered out. He was drained both mentally and physically. He initially planned on toughing it out, but Han Jingru’s words changed his mind. Now, he had no choice but to go home to rest.
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