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Chapter 493 I Believe Him

  • Han Jingru's rental apartment.
  • Qi Bingying noticed Han Jingru's serious expression after he hung up the phone. Sparks of rage burned in his eyes. She immediately deduced that something had gone wrong on Han Tong's end. That was the only thing he would treat so seriously now.
  • “Han Tong failed?” she asked.
  • He got up to his feet and drew in a deep breath before replying, “Han Li is at the villa.”
  • Hearing what he had said, she hastily got to her feet and exclaimed, “What has he done to Yimo?”
  • Although she fancied Han Jingru, that did not hinder her friendship with Su Yimo. She had thought of giving up this friendship for him, but if her best friend was in danger, she wasn't about to sit around and leave her to die.
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