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Chapter 696 The Demand

  • Fang Zhan was one of the ten elites in Apocalypse, back then. No one had managed to surpass him thus far. This alone was corroborating evidence of Fang Zhan’s capabilities.
  • Fang Zhan had decided to retract himself abruptly back then, and even Mr. Yi did not manage to persuade him to stay. It was a telltale sign that Fang Zhan was adamant, in regards to fading out of the scene. The fact that Lin Tong managed to convince him shocked Mr. Yi. He could not fathom how Lin Tong had managed to accomplish such a feat.
  • It is impossible for Han Jingru to fend for himself, especially when in the face of Fang Zhan. His death is imminent.
  • “You can deal with someone whom even I am unable to beat up?” Han Jingru asked.
  • “Why would I lie to you?” Mr. Yi replied.
  • His reply to piqued Han Jingru’s interest. Even though he did not know the old man before him, there was no need for the old man to lie about such matters. However, who in Yun City would threaten me right now?
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