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Chapter 1091 Threat

  • “It’s alright. She can come,” Han Jingru said nonchalantly.
  • Chen Yi became worried when he heard this. He knew how biased Nangong Shuxian could be. As long as Han Yu exaggerated the matter, Han Jingru would be in deep trouble.
  • “Young Master, don’t be stubborn. Go and hide!” the servant urged.
  • “It’s okay. You better run. If Nangong Shuxian sees you, you might be implicated too,” Han Jingru said.
  • At that, Chen Yi froze. Even though Han Jingru didn’t really respect Nangong Shuxian, the servant had never once heard him call his grandmother by her name.
  • Hmm... Young Master seems different, but I cant put my finger on what exactly it is.
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