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Chapter 581 Kneel Down And Wait For Han Jingru

  • The two receptionists at the front desk continued with their bickering and neither of them was willing to back down.
  • The receptionist whom Han Jingru teased was adamant that he could save the company, while the other doubted his chances against Sun Yi.
  • Although the other higher-ups have made their compromises, she believed that it was only a matter of time that Sun Yi's presence would eventually cause the departure of Han Jingru.
  • Women tend to argue over the strangest things. A tiny bit of jealousy would spark a full-blown war between them.
  • One of girls who had belittled Han Jingru had in fact did it out of jealousy.
  • The other girl who was teased by Han Jingru, however, couldn't pull herself out of her fantasies, wishing for a closer relationship with him.
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