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Chapter 351 Su Yimo's Frustration

  • A look of horror appeared on Su Yimo's face after she listened to Han Jingru's question.
  • Obviously only one person benefits the most from grandma's death. Only after she has passed can Su Ruijin become the chairman. In other words, Su Ruijin was the culprit. How is this possible? How could Su Ruijin commit such treachery?
  • Su Yimo wouldn't have believed it if it was anyone else who told her this, but Han Jingru wouldn't lie to her, nor did he have any reason to.
  • “Su Ruijin is the one who poisoned grandma.” Su Yimo said in shock.
  • “I can't find any evidence for now, but I am sure Su Ruijin was the one who did it.” Han Jingru said.
  • Su Yimo took a deep breath and heaved a sigh. “If reincarnation is real, she must be regretting to bring up a grandson who'd poisoned her.”
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