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Chapter 940 They Got What They Deserved

  • They quickly composed themselves upon getting his reminder. After all, he had told them once that even the Emperor wouldn’t get worked up over this matter. So who were they to be angry about it?
  • Even if Han Jingru really had the guts to ignore the Imperial Court, it wasn’t something that they can interfere with.
  • “Mr. Han, is he telling the truth?” Bi Yang asked.
  • Han Jingru was faced with a tough decision. If he lied, he could at least live another day peacefully. But Bi Yang and his companions wouldn’t let this go just like that.
  • The other choice he could make was to openly admit what he did. If there was the need, he could just kill the three of them and leave the territory of the Imperial Court.
  • “Yes.”
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