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Chapter 585 Your Friend

  • “Fang Shuo, do you think he's bluffing us? Is he really that rich?”
  • “I don't think he's that rich. Maybe he's just showing off in front of Qi Bingying.”
  • “I think so too! A billion is enough to build a top-tier racing team. Why'd he bother to come to us?”
  • After Han Jingru and Qi Bingying left, Fang Shuo and company immediately burst into discussion.
  • As the most committed pursuer of Qi Bingying, Fang Shuo found this whole situation very suspicious. Han Jingru's tactics were no stranger to him, considering the lengths he went to impress Qi Bingying before.
  • “If he's actually bluffing us, I'll expose him and end him personally,” Fang Shuo growled menacingly.
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