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Chapter 1008 The Xenos Scriptures

  • Yi Qingshan’s expression turned even more complicated as he glanced at the scroll. Although he had never experienced the ferocity of the battle for himself, he could tell from the detailed illustrations on the scroll that it had been a very fierce fight indeed.
  • The 28 Elites had lost to one person alone!
  • “He does have some helpers, but neither of them—particularly the one riding Manticore—prove to be much help to him,” Yi Qingshan said. If Huang Xiaoyong had overheard him, he would’ve passed out from rage.
  • Fei Ling’er nodded and replied, “However, we shouldn’t underestimate this woman’s power. She might not have faced the most powerful member of the Elite 28 back in Xia Nation, but this only means that she has yet to reveal her true strength.”
  • Yi Qingshan sighed deeply again. He understood what Fei Ling’er was talking about, but he still couldn’t understand why so many fighters had suddenly appeared in Xenos.
  • He had been alive for the past few centuries. During that time, he had seen many fighters battle their way up the rankings. However, he had witnessed these fighters’ growth with his own two eyes—it was fighters who appeared out of thin air that unnerved him the most, because he couldn’t prepare himself for them.
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