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Chapter 1076 The Real Alpha Stage

  • Han Jingru brought both Zhantai Liuyue and Fei Lingsheng to the Fei Lingsheng’s home for a check-up. Both women suffered from serious injuries, but they were in no danger of losing their lives. As long as they were still alive, Han Jingru would still able to nurse them back to their normal states.
  • Now, Han Jingru had every right to move into the palace. After all, he was the new Emperor. However, he did not do so as he had no interest in the privilege of an emperor. To him, the most important mission now was to defeat the Qilin.
  • He was worried after his conversation with the familiar. If what he said were true, then the combined powers of Xenos would be useless against him. Even his own plans would be rendered useless.
  • “What happened, Master? You’re already the Emperor, so why do you look unhappy?” Confused, Huang Xiaoyong asked when he saw Han Jingru’s unhappy expression. To him, one should be absolutely excited to take the position as the Emperor.
  • “So what if I am the Emperor?” Han Jingru asked him.
  • “You have absolute authority in Imperial Court. Isn’t that enough?” Huang Xiaoyong could not understand the other man’s perspective. To him, the Emperor’s position would be a lifetime glory. Moreover, with such power and authority, one could do anything one wanted.
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