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Chapter 392 Di Yang

  • The leader looked at Qi Hu. The expression on Qi Hu's face was indeed a fool. Even ordinary things caught his attention. In his eyes, everything looked novel. Nobody could be as ignorant as he was.
  • “Hey, idiot! What are you looking at?” The leader asked.
  • Qi Hu turned to look at him and asked Han Jingru, “Mr. Han, is he talking about me?”
  • Han Jingru nodded slowly and said, “He is not only talking about you, but he even scolded you!”
  • When Qi Hu heard this, his face suddenly turned cold. Then, he walked to the leader and said, “You scolded me?”
  • Qi Hu's body was very deterrent. He was merely standing in front of the local gangsters, but it made them feel very pressured.
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