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Chapter 684 The Humble Big Shot

  • Seeing the embarrassment on Su Yimo’s face for not knowing how to answer Tian Shuirou’s question, Han Jingru came to the rescue by saying, “Little girl, you shouldn’t be asking such a question. Have you no shame?”
  • “Am I still a little girl?” Tian Shuirou asked Han Jingru as she held her head high and stuck her chest out.
  • Han Jingru quickly turned his head away and said, “That’s an eyesore.”
  • Tian Shuirou became angry and frustrated by his action. Even Su Yimo couldn’t help but grin in glee.
  • “You dare to look down on me!” Tian Shuirou walked up to Han Jingru and spoke to him with indignant resentment.
  • Due to the height difference between the two, the top of Tian Shuirou’s head barely reached Han Jingru’s chin. After looking left and right, he asked, “Who’s talking to me?”
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