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Chapter 771 Four Gatekeepers

  • For the second round of the Qualifying Tournament, both Han Jingru and Jiang Yingying spent a lot of time honing their skills, never once slacking off. They were well aware of the difference in the difficulty level between the Silver and Bronze ranks. Han Jingru did not want anything to go wrong during this Qualifying Tournament.
  • His goal wasn’t to prove himself or show everyone else how good he was, rather, it was to quickly solve his unanswered questions in the shortest time possible.
  • At the same time, Lin Tong and He Xiaoxiao were both plotting to ensure that Han Jingru would die in an accidental death.
  • Lin Tong did not want his title as the Chosen One to be robbed away by Han Jingru. On the other hand, He Xiaoxiao wanted Han Jingru to pay the price for disregarding her.
  • Even though both of them had different reasons for doing this, their end goal was the same. Thus, they had been meeting up quite frequently these days.
  • Mr. Yi had long known about Lin Tong’s desire to join Three Halls. Moreover, Lin Tong made it no secret whenever he made a trip to Three Halls.
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