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Chapter 439 Jiang Yan Qiongts To Kill

  • Qi Ran did not know who Han Jingru was referring to. Neither was she interested. She deliberately came to the shop earlier so that she could thank Han Jingru. If it were not for him, she would have never been able to meet Zhong Ji.
  • Of course, breakfast was not enough. Qi Ran asked, “Do you live around the area? Why don't we grab dinner if you are available?”
  • Han Jingru shook his head and said as he pointed to the breakfast, “This is enough. I've got something on later. Got to go!”
  • Han Jingru turned around and left after that. Qi Ran could not even thank him in time.
  • Qi Ran looked at his back as Han Jingru left. She wondered what kind of man he was. While he acted low profile, he was definitely a powerful figure. Even Zhong Ji seemed to respect his opinions a lot.
  • Was he...?
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