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Chapter 758 A Show

  • As Zhong Tianyi stood at the door, preparing to open it. The members of Zhong family dropped to their knees one by one. They knew this was the only way to beg for mercy from Han Jingru. After all, no one wanted to die and no one was willing to defy him.
  • Zhong Mingguo fell into greater despair when he witnessed what was unfolding before him.
  • Throughout the years, the Zhong family had waited for the decline of the Han family to happen. When it finally occurred, Zhong Mingguo had planned to subdue them and seize power. However, his dream didn’t last long when Han Jingru returned to Yan City and burst his bubble.
  • Everything happened so fast that Zhong Mingguo still felt as if it was still a dream. And now, he was being woken up to reality.
  • In his heart, he was extremely defiant. He was frustrated that the Zhong family couldn’t rise to the occasion and take advantage of the opportunity. At the same time, he refused to accept reality. Han Jingru had done something no other prominent family could, that was to pressure the powerful Martial Arts Association into submission without much effort.
  • Holding that thought in mind, Zhong Mingguo let out a bitter smile. Perhaps this is the fate of the Zhong family.
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