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Chapter 750 Championship

  • “If I’m not mistaken, he should be older than Yan Qiong. Are you sure that he’s that good?” Although Zhong Mingguo was taken aback when he heard Chen Bao’s name, he could still think rationally. Surely, his skills and power would have faced some regression, seeing as hes aged. He cant be as great as he was in his younger days, can he?
  • “I thought so too, but let me tell you, Chen Bao will only become stronger,” Zhong Tianyi affirmed.
  • Seeing how firm and confident Zhong Tianyi was, Zhong Mingguo dropped his suspicions on Chen Bao’s capability. He could not understand why would a man like him would return to Yan City.
  • “How did you find him? What would’ve caused him to return to Yan City willingly?” Zhong Mingguo was curious.
  • “The Martial Arts Association established by Chen Bao single-handedly has turned into a robbers’ den. Each meeting had been associated with dodgy activities and there was too much hanky-panky going on. Chen Bao could no longer tolerate it. He wanted to take back his position as the president so that he could rebuild the association. As for me, I’ll support him financially,” Zhong Tianyi explained.
  • As a businessman, Zhong Mingguo understood perfectly well the benefits that one could reap from this.
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