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Chapter 26 Die

  • “Mr. Gang, they are here!”
  • One of the underlings rendered Cheng Gang and reported.
  • The man was crunching on peanuts to kill time. The moment he heard that, his eyes lit up and he tapped on the desk, “Our bride finally comes. Let me go and welcome her personally.”
  • “Mr. Gang, there is a man that follows her.” The underling reported.
  • “A man?” Cheng Gang was a little surprised but he broke into a laughter after that, “Don’t tell me it is that piece of trash. He had embarrassed us men completely. If he dares to come, I will make him go out on his knees!”
  • Han Jingru and Su Yimo was brought inside to a dining area they set up. The moment Cheng Gang saw her, his eyes were gleaming in lust and his gaze was caressing Su Yimo’s body.
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