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Chapter 1108 It Is Best If He Dies Out There

  • “I really want to know if Nangong Shuxian will feel regret when she finds out about your power,” Yao Yuhai sighed. He knew how stubborn of a person Nangong Shuxian was. She was infamous in Yan City, and her stubbornness had made the Han family’s status suffer in Yan City. Despite the negative effect, Nangong Shuxian refused to change.
  • Perhaps Nangong Shuxian was not suitable to be the head of the Han family. Most importantly, she had made a decision that returned the Han family to its glory.
  • If the boy were to take over the Han family, Yao Yuhai could not imagine the heights that the Han family would reach.
  • “Regret?” Han Jingru chuckled. The Nangong Shuxian he knew would never admit to her failures, even if she knew about it, not to mention feeling regret.
  • To her, Han Yu was the one who was meant for success, the only one who could lead the Han family to success. Hence, she would never change her mind after she convinced herself that.
  • Perhaps, only when the Han family was in danger and Han Jingru was the only one who could save the family, then would Nangong Shuxian realize how foolish her choice had been.
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