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Chapter 988 The Selfishness Of Ximen Chang

  • “Ran Yi refused to reveal his identity but has placed him in such a high position so blatantly. Does he really think that I’m an idiot?” Ximen Chang snorted.
  • This was an unforeseen circumstance in fact. Ran Yi didn’t expect the Ximen family to be present, and neither did he anticipated the incidents that followed. Nevertheless, Ran Yi didn’t make any change to his original arrangement because of a little self-interest. After all, Han Jingru hadn’t agreed to help him in this matter. Hence, by exposing Han Jingru’s identity inadvertently, Ran Yi’s purpose was to divert Ximen Chang’s attention to Han Jingru.
  • Of course, Han Jingru had expected this kind of harmless puny thoughts from Ran Yi. But since he had made up his mind to confront the Ximen family directly, he couldn’t care less about such an insignificant motive.
  • Despite that, it was unsurprising for Ran Yi to have acted this way as the saying goes - every man for himself.
  • “Grandpa, do you need me to invite that man over?” asked Ximen Jin. When he said “invite”, he didn’t really mean it in a courteous and well-mannered way. After all, other than the Emperor, there was no need for the Ximen family to be nice to anyone.
  • Shaking his head, Ximen Chang replied, “Leave it first until the auction is over. Other things can wait till we get the Holy Chestnut. He won’t be able to flee from Fengshang City.”
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