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Chapter 434 Was It Because Of You

  • While on her way to Rumo Real Estate, she could feel her confidence waning. She only put on an act in front of Huang Ting Ting because she did not want her to think that she was incapable of completing the task.
  • Qi Ran knew very well that she had a slim chance of sealing a deal with Rumo Real Estate. In fact, she might not even get the chance to meet with Zhong Ji; as she did not believe whatever Han Jingru had told her this morning.
  • Telling her such an important detail while he was buying a breakfast set? Did he think he was in a movie?
  • Just as Qi Ran hesitated at the door, a woman who looked like a secretary walked towards her.
  • The woman asked politely, “Hello, are you Ms. Qi?”
  • Qi Ran was slightly surprised at her question. How did the secretary know who she was?
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