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Chapter 941 Fei Lingsheng

  • “Sir Bi Yang, he killed three people from the Imperial Court! How could you say that they deserved it?” Chen Tiexin was exasperated since things had not developed according to his plan. That was why he was so anxious to remind Bi Yang that Han Jingru had killed someone, and they were all people of the Imperial Court.
  • However, the man glanced at him indifferently. Bi Yang knew what exactly he was doing. Its too bad his plan failed. He mustve never expected the Emperors attitude on this situation, nor did he expect the Emperor to view Han Jingru with such great importance.
  • Whats the big deal with their lost lives if we could win over Han Jingru?
  • “The Emperor ordered me to investigate this incident before I came to Longyun City. I was told to execute them on the spot if they had done anything that had offended you, Mr. Han. But since they’ve already paid for what they did, this will be the end of this incident,” he said.
  • The Emperor!
  • Offends Han Jingru.
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