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Chapter 66 Lick Your Shoe

  • When the wealthy woman was talking, she was even hurling her handbag on the middle-aged lady.
  • When the middle-aged ladies saw the crowd pointing fingers at her, she explained herself nervously, “I didn’t, I didn’t! I really didn’t steal anything, she is accusing me!”
  • “I accuse you? How can I accuse a cheap woman like you? Do I need to swindle you for a little money?” The wealthy woman slapped the middle-aged woman. After that, she was dissatisfied and she continued to stomp on her with her high heels.
  • “Take a look, do I look like someone without money? I simply don’t want a piece of shit like this to cause trouble for others!” The wealthy woman said.
  • From her attire that screamed in wealth, the gathering crowd did not suspect her at all and they continued to condemn that middle-aged lady that knelt on the floor.
  • When the wealthy lady saw that everyone was taking her side, she smiled conceitedly and leered at the middle-aged lady, “You thief! You shall let everyone take good look at your face, and you better to leave the Yun city after this!”
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