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Chapter 985 Worthy Enough

  • The Emperor frowned upon hearing the phrase, “as I have witnessed”; he was intrigued to know more about the mysterious lady. As he drifted into his imagination filled with young lady’s cheering, the sudden action of someone falling from the mountain top further aroused his interest.
  • Regretfully, she was at Xia Nation, so he had no fate to witness such a scene.
  • “Is there a portrait of it?” the Emperor inquired.
  • “It should be done in a month,” his subordinate replied.
  • Due to the confidentiality of the information, it was sent to the Imperial Court via pigeon mail - only the odds and ends could be sent each time. When these pieces arrived at the Imperial Court, a specialist would then put the pieces together. This whole process would often take some time.
  • “Bring it over to me immediately upon its completion. I would like to see how this capable lady looks like,” the Emperor commanded.
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