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Chapter 1194 The Reason

  • Han Jingru didn’t cave in, despite Mo Yanshang’s compromise. However, the latter wasn’t mad, because he grasped the meaning of the boy’s words.
  • The thirty-year partnership agreement was only a formality, and it wouldn’t actually guarantee anything. With his unparalleled capabilities, even if Han Jingru broke his promise, the Mo family wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.
  • Besides, Mo Yanshang was a man who couldn’t care less about any agreement. Back then, the man had ruined countless agreements and collaborations in order to get to where he was now.
  • As a result, Mo Yanshang was willing to take a leap of faith, since Han Jingru promised that he wouldn’t put the Mo family in a tight spot, as long as they didn’t get under his skin.
  • “I trust you, Han Jingru,” the man said.
  • Qi Donglin’s jaw dropped as he gawked at the two.
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