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Chapter 723 Great Honor

  • Han Jingru was stumped. This girl really knows how to control the situation well and butter up the right people. As long as she remained in Su Yimos good books, I cant do anything to her.
  • “I won’t be wasting my breath on you,” Han Jingru scoffed.
  • Tian Shuirou punched the air. “That’s 1-0 to me!”
  • Han Jingru shrugged and dialed Mo Lan.
  • “Find a place where I can meet you guys tonight,” Han Jingru instructed Mo Lan. He did not have much time left in Yun City and had not had a good chat with his group of buddies in a long time. Now that he was free, he could settle things in Yun City.
  • “Sure, I’ll arrange for this. Let’s go for hotpot since the weather is so cold,” Mo Lan suggested.
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