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Chapter 605 The Unsurmountable Position Of Han Jingru

  • A small island, the Nangong Family.
  • Nangong Boling knew everything about the U.S.' Chinese District and Han Jingru's strong performance in the company satisfied him. In his eyes, a youngster was supposed to have a vigor exactly like that, and that was something Nangong Sun and Nangong Yan couldn't possibly be compared to. The vigor that those two had can only be called the boastings of the wealthy; it wasn't genuine strength they possessed.
  • They could only dare to act cockily under the Nangong Family's protection.
  • But Han Jingru was different; his vigor originated from his soul, and it wasn't something the external environment could affect.
  • Now that Han Xiuyuan had made his grand appearance, Nangong Boling was even more expectant on what would happen to the Chinese District. He wanted to see how far Han Jingru could go on this issue.
  • Han Xiuyuan was a fierce character in the Chinese District, and if he came out of his retirement just to target Han Jingru, then things would get more interesting.
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