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Chapter 850 The Future

  • When they reached the part of the cave where the red fruits grew, the little white snake kept hissing and sticking its tongue out to warn Han Jingru of the danger of the fruits.
  • It had pained the little white snake to see Han Jingru gobbling down several red fruits to fill his stomach last time. This time, the little white snake was determined to stop Han Jingru from getting near the red fruits.
  • Yet, Han Jingru was unfazed. He decided to bring as many of the fruits as he could to the second world, thinking that they would come in handy.
  • Frustrated with the little white snake’s interference, he smacked its head and snapped, “Just get lost, will you? Can’t you just allow me to take some of these gems in return for my effort to bring you out of this cave?”
  • The little white snake looked dizzy and its head flailed wildly around after being hit by Han Jingru. Jiang Yingying couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the comical sight.
  • “Jingru, this snake seems to be able to understand you! It’s so much more fun to be with than dogs and cats!” Jiang Yingying commented.
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