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Chapter 892 People From The Imperial Court

  • While Han Jingru was roaming aimlessly around the streets after leaving the Chen family, he was discovered by Huang Xiaoyong’s informants quickly.
  • Shortly after, Huang Xiaoyong appeared casually in front of Han Jingru. Even though the master-disciple pair appeared not to have any interactions with each other, Huang Xiaoyong led the way while Han Jingru followed behind. The two of them then reached an alley at the West district with very little foot traffic.
  • There was a courtyard nearby which was previously acquired by Huang Xiaoyong for his rendezvous with women. However, after falling for Chen Yanran, he had lost interest in other women. As such, the courtyard had been deserted for quite a while and did not serve its original purpose at all.
  • “Master.” After entering the courtyard, Huang Xiaoyong shut the gate and greeted Han Jingru respectfully.
  • “Is this place yours?” Han Jingru asked. Even though the courtyard was overgrown with weeds, but with a little cleaning and maintenance, it would be a very nice place.
  • “Yup, I bought this place years ago. Other than myself, no one else knows about it, not even my dad,” Huang Xiaoyong shared.
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