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Chapter 122 Laughable

  • Han Jingru wasn’t in the best mood today because he was troubled by the phone call earlier to get him back to Yan Jing. Therefore, he wasn’t showing his best attitude towards the grandmother.
  • If it was before, Han Jingru might not have talked back. After all, what happened had happened. It was fine to let her complain a little. However, the man wasn’t in the mood to listen to her ridiculous remarks now.
  • “Grandma, this isn’t my fault and I will not be admitting it.” Han Jingru said sternly.
  • The grandmother was overcome with anger. How dared that trash act up in front of her?
  • When Jiang Yan saw that, she was anxious.
  • Although they moved into the mansion in the middle hill, their family still rely on the Su family for their livelihood. If the old Madam was offended, what if she causes trouble for Su Yimo in the company?
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