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Chapter 854 The Wedding Ceremony

  • “I just want a useless man to be my husband. Do you really have to wake up at this most inopportune time?” Based on how resentful the woman looked, the fact that Han Jingru had regained his consciousness was, for some reason, a heavy blow to her.
  • Just as she raised her hand to slap Han Jingru again, he grabbed her wrist quickly enough to stop her from doing it.
  • Han Jingru was no pushover, and there was no way he could put up with the humiliation without having any background information.
  • Even though she was good-looking, Han Jingru was not tempted by her beauty, especially because he already had someone else in his mind.
  • “Where’s this place? Why am I wearing this? And, who are you?” Han Jingru questioned the woman.
  • The woman tried to wriggle her wrist from his hold. Her eyes glinted with astonishment when she noticed how strong Han Jingru was.
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